2011 In So Many Words

As it is customary around here, behold the sum-up of year 2011 (that has since passed us by by a good 11 days).

If memory serves us well, the highlights of 2011 are as follows (forgive us if they all happen to be memories only from the tail-end of year):

Best Soldier Remix Competition
We couldn’t be prouder parents of this bag o’ remixes. It was an honour watching entries come in from different parts of the world. Finally it was down to 3 and after much vote hustling; NAXX was crowned winner by monsoon records with his remix of Best Soldier.

Converse Ambassadorship
We were equal parts puzzled and grateful when we received an email offering HK a Converse ambassadorship. I remember telling Jo over the phone about it and there was a moment of incredulous silence and then we burst out laughing in disbelief. It’s been quite a ride. The best part was meeting all the other ambassadors and feeling the sense of community within the KL art scene. It’s alive and hungry, people. Continue to show us love.

An Anniversary: HK Celebrates 2 Years of Mutual Tolerance
Yes, we made it. 2 years of trying not to kill each other :) and succeeding! We thought it a momentous enough milestone so we threw a party in a furniture shop to commemorate. The Impatient Sisters and Paolo Delfino & his Short Attention Span Band helped boost audience attendance.

Best New Act Nominee
And the cherry to top it all off; a pleasant surprise from the folks at Juice Malaysia – a nomination for Best New Act in their encyclopaedic list of Best Of’s in 2011.

Be well and hang in there with us, aight. Here's to 2012!

Much love, 

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