Halfway Kings Celebrate 2 Years of Mutual Tolerance

Technically, 2 years is a short time but with the things we've been through and with the kind of lovely people that we're so grateful to have met, 2 years seem like a long journey.

The party wouldn't have been as magical if not for the kind owners of Pieces that not only let us use their space but also set the place up for us even before we arrived. Our thanks also to our label monsoon records for being bafflingly supportive of our propositions and Jeff from Greenhouse for manning the sound that night. 

We took a chance and asked the sublime trio of The Impatient Sisters to be our pro bono opening act and they said yes! They turned up with their cellist and a box of cupcakes for our party. I have never seen anyone perform for free and yet bring gifts, they are the epitome of genuine niceness.

Our pro bono (also) closing act was Paolo Delfino and his Short Attention Span Band. If you want dedication, you just need to look to these guys. Paolo came for his soundcheck and then went for a wedding and then rushed back to play AND his whole band was down with the flu. AND their bassist said that he would skip soundcheck just so he could rest enough to make it to our party but we didn't know until Paolo told us that his "need for rest" was bad enough to warrant a hospitalization in the end. Get well soon, Eu Gene!

Thanks also to Rath for volunteering to design the visuals for us (they were seriously tripped-out) and Justin for tirelessly snapping away throughout the party and Christine (who came all the way from Seremban) for gracing our Halfway Kings set with her backing vocals.

Lastly, thank you all for coming (and paying RM10 for parking) and being so unpretentiously sociable and chilled-out. We hope you enjoyed your good selves and hopefully, we'll have another one of these...in a year's time!


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