Remix Competition

Didn't you know? Blogs are dead. But for all of you that still enjoy reading long posts about things that can be condensed within 140 characters, you have us still, for now.

We've signed!!!!!!!!!

With monsoon records. And we've been working on this track called "Best Soldier" (if you've been to our live shows, you would've heard the acoustic version), refining our new sound. Yes, there is a new sound that involves our swanky CEE producing and laying down some beats to our bare bones songs.

And we have a remix competition to go with the upcoming release of our single :D Who would've thought, kan? All you need to do is:

1. Visit this site.
2. Grab the files.
3. Remix away.
4. Submit your track to by Sept 11, 2011.
5. Wait for the results.

If you're picked as the winner, you win an Ableton Live Suite 8 and get to release your remix of our song through monsoon records.

And if you'd please excuse us, we're off to being excited now.

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