Oh yes. This is a real blog post at long last (FB is so much more convenient for the easily-distracted, no?). Anyway, here we are in Bangsar Village because Jo and I were caught in rush-hour traffic and decided to detour to wait for it to subside.

The detour was a desperate attempt to stave off what was happening in the car. It wasn't pretty. It involved Mariah Carey songs and Hulk-rage roars. Both of which I do when I'm frustrated with traffic.

So we parked and got out. And lo, I swear that Mr Buggyman was positively shining with a saintly glow (or maybe it was just the buggy's siren light) but he stopped and offered us a ride! And the best thing yet? After our dinner, we paid for parking and lo, Buggyman appeared again!

Two rides in one visit; 'twas the best and worst day wrapped in one! Because we drove right out and got ourselves stuck in another freakin jam.

P/S, The song featured in the vid is HK's Traveling Lines. Listen to the full version on our SoundCloud.

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