Songwriters Weekend @ No Black Tie

Can't believe it's our 4th run at NBT! So blessed, I tell you, I can't even explain how we got here in the first place.

Sunday night was a little quieter than usual; what with Monday looming and CNY clogging up the highways.

We brought out our new toy! It was quite a disaster but I'm glad we went through with it. I almost wanted to pull Jo aside and say "let's try this another time" but I sat on my shivering hands and willed my heartbeat to slow down (um yeah, I try to convince myself that that method works).

We went through with it in the end albeit with a heart-stopping moment when the looper did not loop! But Jo yelled "REPLAY" and got back on his feet like a pro gymnast doing backflips!

Thank you kind NBT crowd and Reza Salleh for inviting us to play. I shall always be eternally grateful til the end of time forever and ever, always.


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