Top 10 Quotes of The Year

Top 10 HK quotes in 2010

1. “Even if you don't kacau me, I'll kacau myself.” Joachim to Sam Oh of Bus Company.

2. “Sounds like something Tarantino would use while Uma Thurman slices up people with a katana.” Eu Gene of Paolo Delfino’s Short Attention Span Band on HK’s brand of violent music.

3. “Oh, oh red light, I should stop.” Adeline to a terrified Joachim while she almost drives pass a traffic light.

4. “What’s that?” Joachim upon hearing Adeline’s excited announcement that HK got a gig at NBT.
Here we are performing for the very first time at No Black Tie

5. “GAHHHHHH I AM SPILLING OUTTA MY OWN SKIN!!” Adeline when HK got into Junk Records Top 10.

6. “Are you a care bear?” HK sessionist Christine Tee to Reza Salleh.

7. “Hey, Adeline! That voice doesn't sound like you. But that's great!!!!” Gee thanks Yaw Loong of Seremban lineage.

8. “Sini tak boleh nyani ah?” Joachim playing dumb when we got chased out for performing illegally on private property.

Watch til the end to catch cameo voice appearance by the security guard.

9. “Halfway Kings, no chou tau fu for life!” David Knight on HK’s attempts to show him the flavourful side of Malaysian cuisine.

10. “Thanks for bringing back the trip-hop-funk-rock-gibberish-singing style…I’ve been waiting.” Izaad Amir, sessionist for every other awesome band out there.

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