Not One of Those Fests

Pics by royajong and Celeste Goh

One of those madcap performances again. Joachim had a paper right smack in the middle of our soundcheck and performance. So we drove to get the soundcheck done, drove back, he rushed for a last hour revision (which was his only revision, ahem) and then sped off to do the exam.

Immediately after he was done, we zipped over to Laundry again just in time to catch Shh...Diam performing (who were kind enough to swap soundcheck slots with us so Jo could make it for his paper). Next up were wildcard winners ASBOON who were pretty damn good. Didn't expect them to make such melodic music when I first saw them get ready on stage.

Mid-pizza, the organiser comes up to us and says there's an emergency and HK would have to go up next. I calmly put down my pizza and say "Well, I guess we should stop eating then."

We're up in a flash, do a 6-song set and sweat like pigs. It was sweltering and the spotlights weren't helping either. No one boo-ed us, so that was nice. Danced around a bit, took off shoes, shoes are a pain, really.

Let's move on and talk about the more exciting bits! Bus Company came on after and got everyone's attention with their additional bass drum mic-ed on reverb (cool or what?!). I think they're the only band where you really see all-round creative output merge so togetherly. There was mouth-guitaring, synthesized vocals, and BEP and The Verve thrown in, I don't know how they keep things co-ordinated, seriously.

They were followed by lotta other bands, Pesawat, Bittersweet and Couple just to name a few. Not gonna dissect every single one here cos YOU SHOULD'VE BEEN THERE! Definitely one of the better festivals we've been to, kudos to Laundry + Monsoon Records!

Halfway Kings @ Laundry festival 2010, 2 - 10 pm

A laundry fest. This saturday. Come. Much great music.

From halfway kings

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