We wore no black ties !

Hey reader. Guess what?

It happened again. A mash-up of acoustic styles as different as the colours of a rainbow. No black tie. Zalila, Reza Salleh, Aiqa Halim, Narmi, Asmidar and Halfway Kings.

You know, sometimes a gig feels like a roller coaster ride. Tonight we did the triple looper and twister at the same time. It started with a short slow climb to the peak and then once we went down, it never stopped.

We played Down & Over, Traveling lines, Square is the shape, Best soldier (feat. Christine Tee on piano) and finally an encore of our cover mash-up. During our first song, my heart was literally cringing. There were so many people there. Then I looked at Asmidar and Narmi and you know what? These guys were smiling. Suddenly things ain't so intimidating any more. There were even smiles and nods from the crowd . After that, we smiled too, and played our hearts out. It helped that Christine,(our sessionist) awed everyone with her jazzy take on Best Soldier. You rock girl.

For the other performers that day, even an essay would not be sufficient so here are my 4 descriptive (self created) words of each act :

1st set

Crooner, Clean, Make-the-crowd-eat-out-of-his-hand-kinda-guy, fresh
Emotion, Expressive, powerful, That-darn-good
Halfway Kings
(why dont you fill this up for me in the comments?)

2nd set

Zalila Lee
Soulful ,Guitardrumbeattablashakerbackingsoloist++ ,Fingerstyle ,Unique
Reza Salleh
Rez-Funk, Meaningful,makescrowdplaydrumonknees&tables, smooth
Aiqa Halim
Catchy, Bubbly-sultry, Easy-Listening, reminiscent


Ahh. That took some time. I guess the highway from brain to keyboard gets further when not used often.

You know, it still surprises me greatly how much support we received that day. I have never ceased to wonder how our scribbles and notes manage to resonate within somebody else, make them bob their head and even break a smile. Its quite humbling frankly. Another little thing occurred to me that topped off the night. Whoever says musicians are uppity and stuck up, have not met this bunch of people. One of the most easy-going, humble and talented group I have ever met. Seriously.

Halfway Kings feat. Christine Tee (far left)

Its late now. Thanks for spending a moment of your life here. Cheers.

Joachim Sebastian.

Acoustic Mania #1 @ No Black Tie

We'll be performing at No Black Tie this Sunday alongside Narmi, Reza Salleh, Aiqa Halim, Zalila Lee, and Asmidar. The show starts at 9pm. And with so many performers, it's gonna be crowded, so reserve your seats if you like a good clear view, people!

Pretty excited about this show because we're roping in a certain Ms. Tee to play the piano on one of our newer songs. Jo and I know Christine from, you guessed it, our schooling days back in Seremban! I know, we're such state-ist! We should just go ahead and name our band Seremban instead (believe me, it has crossed this Postishead fan's mind before).

Here's the link to the Acoustic Mania #1 FB events page.

Bring your friends and lovers.

Doppelganger World Open Mic @ Berjaya Times Square

Hello, HK is feeling so confused right now. We submitted our names awhile ago for some indie fest and waited. And waited. Then all of a sudden we get an email and Wham Bham George Michael, our band name's on the poster!

So catch us this Sunday (10.10.10) @ Berjaya Times Square. We go on at 12:45pm. Join us for lunch after that!

Adeline's brother's bandmate told him that HK was mentioned on the radio when they were announcing the above event. Then Adeline's brother PM-ed her on FB to tell her that. And then she went "oh yeah, this Sunday..."

Lunch offer stands. You belanja.


This is so late coming but better than never! We wanna thank Koh Jun Lin's Photojournalism lecturer for giving him an assignment, forcing him to cover HK's first gig (a few months ago) at the shrine in which we worship - No Black Tie!

And therefore, for the first time ever, we have a well documented process of how a typical gig day goes for us, and the rehearsals and preparation that goes into it weeks beforehand.

Take a look around. It's a lotta hard work and a whole lot more fun!

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