Fuyoh Blazer

Laundry looked quite the charmer after its make-over. New band area and old gramophone sitting in the corner. Glad they kept the disco balls, though, they were always my favourite part. This time was a lot better compared to the last time we were there. Both Jo and I made sure we were disease-free (well, Jo just recovered from dengue) and all, no more "enhanced" performances with the aid of drugstore drugs.

Also, fun times with the crazy Ask Me Again. These guys know how to wring the most outta their youth (if you know what I mean). For more pics of the other bands that night, check out Laundry's blog.

Monsoon Records Night Vol.7 @ Laundry

Aloha. Mama says to do your laundry every once in a while. So come air it out next Thursday (16th Sept) at Laundry Bar, The Curve. We're performing alongside Ask Me Again and Janice & The Supertank in an event organised by boutique recording company and host of artiste residencies - Monsoon Records.

This is our very first poster with our mugs on it! It was taken in the stairway outside Jo's condo unit. We had to stop every now and then so that people could walk past and stare at us strangely.

If you're dropping by to catch the performance, don't leave without saying hi. We like to talk and bermamak with interesting people ;) Check the FB events page for more info.

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