Life On Break

Sorry for being so awfully quiet, HK was kinda on a mini break. But we might just hit some open mics pretty soon to test out some of our newer material! Yeap, we've been writing and we are definitely making some turns musically.

In the meantime, here are some super happening pics of our super happening lives in our super happening hometown - Seremban! We hailed the homecoming and birthday of one of our best girls - Nicole! Here's to birthday parties, cakes and car rides.

Birthday girl

A slice of cake can take you to high places

We be back in business soon, people!

Do Your Laundry

Some shots from the Moonshine gig at Laundry last Thursday.


Zalila Lee

Jared from Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob

David Knight

For more pics, head on over to Laundry's blog.

Moonshine @ Laundry Bar

We tried buying drugs and then just sat there and stoned for awhile.

Over the counter ones, that is. And the stoning is the type you do with the aid of tiredness and nothing else. Jo and I were absolutely knackered on the day of our Moonshine gig @ Laundry. Jo had to rush back from classes and I had just roughly 2-hours of sleep the night before when we went for our soundcheck.

We ended up stoning on the couch of this random clinic we came across while hunting for Clarinex and lozenges for my very convenient flu + sore throat combo. The show, as expected didn't really go well for us. The sound guy was kinda pissed saying that I wasn't really singing. Well, he was right.

But wahey, that's the fun part about being in a band. Even the suckiest experiences become funny ones. It'll always be a good recollection piece when you get to tell people how you slept at the Curve and the security guard came and woke you up pointing to the "No Sleeping" sign right behind you.

Yeap, to Moonshine, people. We shall always remember this one.


Urbanscapes 2010. An escape for the urban?

Yes. We were there.

It was a first class experience for Joachim Sebastian. His first URBANscape. (warning , 3rd party POV). A day of colours, difference and attention-seeking. A fertile ground for hidden rebellion.

To Joachim Sebastian, it was a riot. Everything seemed over the top. Special mention goes to the weather. You could have fried an egg on a stool left out in the open for five minutes at urbanscapes..(If you were there, please nod in empathy)

After a good serving of electronic water sounds, poetry, paintings, a house moving session and fashion for sale, it was time to hit the stage.Halfway Kings managed a feedback-full set of three("twee "-credits to nicoleLYL). Although it was a "syok sendiri" act, both Adeline and Joachim really appreciated the support shown by their friends.

Halfway Kings,

the band with the weird name,
the band with a thimble of fame,
a band of two,
not a band of who,
a point of view,
and some songs to spew,
we do it our way,
coz i guess so few give a damn anyway.......... ( we thank you..those who do...we do..)

gnight peeps,

(when the fat lady sings = when joachim starts poetry = danger)

( last picture is Shaneil and Rashaad from Crossing Boundries....rocker guys...thanks for the support)

Square is the Shape, Live @ No Black Tie

Its funny how we take things for granted.

A movie.
A sentence.
A poem.

We rush through life glancing at the outer galleries of great minds saying "we are", "we were" or "we will".

Never to take the first step.

Always the observer.


Today I learn how hard it is to create.

Today I learn to force the first step.

Today I learn to appreciate

A movie.
A sentence.
A poem.

Just a little bit more.

Joachim Sebastian

credits for co-shooters go to :
Fu Ken Ho
Albert Ng (the boss who planned it all)
(alphanatics rawk! ahahah )

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