Chronicles of Sore Thumb: Self-Acceptance

Photos by Joshua Chay. For more pics click here.

The day started with a soundcheck at 2:15pm. Jo had class at 3 so we decided to take his bike to Ecoba instead. Erm. Yeah. We got quite lotta weird looks, some woman in a taxi actually eye-followed us for as long as she could. You see, there was Jo - Indian macha, and then there was me - Chinese amoi pillion rider with a guitar awkwardly strapped to her back, so we were entertainment on the mundane roads of KL.

It was a full workout, seriously, trying to hang on while the guitar dragged you backwards. Mind you, it wasn't a short ride from Cheras to PJ Trade Centre and back.

The event started with quite a bang. An Honest Mistake was up first, followed by Ask Me Again. We were 3rd up, it was quite a good set but you could seriously hear the noise level drop but after so many shows of being the sore thumb, I've learned to embrace it :)

Kyoto Protocol went up next, as always they put on a whack show. Those guys really know how to have fun on stage. Someone told me the frontman was wielding his guitar like a spaceship (?) but yeah, the crowd was enthralled.

Last act up was Paid In Fiction and then a short break to calculate scores. To no surprise, Kyoto Protocol won. Much deserved and I can't wait to get my paws on their singles. So now, I should be off to complete the last round of assignments that have been in deep freeze for the past week.

Click here to read Junk mag's review of the event.

HK will probably take a break from gigging now and concentrate on finalizing our halfway-written songs. Defrost time!

Take Off My Pants

Again, picture stolen from Paolo's site

For one thing - Joachim's t-shirt really helped calm the nerves. It was bright yellow with a guy pointing a gun. It said, and I quote "Dun Move, TAKE OFF MY PANTS".

HOW? WHY? Would anyone buy something like that and wear it to No Black Tie? Our cool quotient just went down by 36% with that alone. But thank God the company saved our asses. Besides Reza Salleh and Paolo Delfino, there were a few unannounced acts popping by to play (which is what I loved about the show). Drummer of One Buck Short, Narmi took the stand with guitar and voice, the incredible Zalila Lee turned up and did an impromptu set using Jo's guitar(!), and Paolo's guitarist - Izaad did a short set with his band The Glance.

The place was packed and at one point I saw Narmi squatting right in front of the stage and I thought that was a brilliant idea so I did exactly the same. Ended up taking off skyscraper wedges and sitting on the floor peeping through chairs at Reza onstage.

I would say we put out quite a good set that night. The crowd was one of the best we've had so far. There were actually looking at us this time. Full frontal faces, yo! The open mics we go to largely consist of side profiles and backs.

Just want to say how honoured we are to have played alongside these people. Reza, verging on veteran status was making the crowd eat outta his hands. Funny, tight, owned the place. Paolo and The Short Attention Span Band were the most ambitious of all the performers (full 6-man-band) and I admire them for doing it cos they love doing it. Really enjoyed being a part of that, even if it was for a short 3-song duration :)

Good people, don't forget the Junk Records event tonight. Come as you are. No cover charge. 4 other bands performing!

Half of Halfway

The only good thing about our lame band name is the endless headlines it affords us by way of extremely clever, thigh-slapping-witty play on words.

Woke up this morning, fumbled around bathroom for toothbrush and it dawned on me that hey, HK's NBT gig IS TODAY!

So despite various reminders on calendars and a jamming session with Paolo Delfino yesterday, it actually failed to register in my brain that today is Tuesday and Tuesday is gig day and therefore gig day is today.

Enough. I feel quite dumb without such incidents being constant reminders of my blurness already. Here's a shot of last night's practice that I stole from Paolo's site. I'm singing back-up on a few of his songs at tonight's gig.

Some call it crammed, some call it cosy, some call it in the pot 9 days old. If you wanna see how many more people were jammed into his room, click here.


No Black Tie

Just in case you are wondering which event we're more hyped up about...well, I don't know (27th - acoustic showcase, 28th - Junk Records). I can only speak for myself (Adeline writing) and I'm pretty psyched about No Black Tie.

Come watch us and I'll tell you why!

It's gonna be something else, I promise. So far, NBT's gotta be the most perfect setting for HK to perform in since we started gigging. It has the right amount of distance and intimacy at just the appropriate proximity. But that's just all theory gleaned from my time spent peering in the dark at performers on NBT's stage. We'll put it to the test this Tuesday!

Seeing HK on the NBT's calendar affords me some small thrills. This girl don't ask for much. Only that YOU come and join us!

More info on the show here or here (if you've deactivated your FB account).

Bedroom to Studio

Look what we got in the mail :)

Ain't no cover charge for this one! And you get to see other bands perform as well. What's not to like eh?

We Like the Venue

What a breather this Wednesday morning is!

The two individual parts of HK have been running round like headless poultry for the past few weeks but it's all good!

So, Junk has emailed us the details for our Junk Records Finale event!

Date: 28 July (Wednesday)
Time: 7pm - 10.30pm
Venue: ECOBA at PJ Trade Centre (map here)

ECOBA will always bring back fond memories of HK's first really failed open mic afterparty where we were sorta mucking about outside the venue. We'll be competing alongside Kyoto Protocol, Ask Me Again, Paid In Fiction and An Honest Mistake. Come cheer us on if you're mobile and have some time to spare ;)

Han Solo


We got in. Junk Record's Top 5!

Kinda at lost for words. Except for "thankyous" which seem to lose their meaning after so much repetition. So I will quote Harrison Ford on this:

"I wrote two speeches, a long one and a short one. I'll give you the short one: 'Thank you.' But it seems there might be enough time for the long one as well, which is: 'Thank you very much."


Birthday Present

The show @ Homegrown Space was a special one. Besides it recording the lowest headcount ever, it coincided with my birthday (it's Adeline writing here), haha!

Sound was awesome, perfect for our acoustic set-up as you could hear all the nuances that usually get drowned out in normal open mic events.

And as usual I almost killed a car-load of people driving to the venue. 3 people giving directions and a truck-driver wannabe at the wheel are not the best combinations for a safe journey. But no one was hurt! We even managed an aftershow party later with some of the boys from Crossing Boundaries who were sweet enough to come by to watch us.

Bunch of close friends, great cake, strawberries, new friends, meatballs, 5-way conversations. Thank you for a great night, people!

Here's a recording from our performance - HK's new song "Tongue to the Board"; about moonlight and burying people in the sand. What are you talking bout? I'm not morbid.

Click here for more vids of our Homegrown gig.

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