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Just got the confirmation from Junk, turns out multiple votes count. So C'MON PPL, SHOW US SOME LOVE! Don't forget to keep on voting.

I don't care if we don't win now, but just carry us through to Top 5 so at least I'll die with the satisfaction of having performed live and THEN only judged for what we're worth by the panel. They can say "sore thumb, go stand in the corner now, stop playing with the big boys" for all I care after that cos it ain't gonna matter, we've already shown them what we've got.

Cheers, fellow Kingsters.

Don't forget to come by Homegrown Space on the 9th, 8pm. It's gonna be a partiful party.

Halfway Kings @ Fete de la musique, The CURVE .....

@ the curve with some of our friends....
Was a pretty good sweaty(from the pics) gig....but I guess its become extremely necessary to get a great plug in acoustic guitar... A big thank you to all who attended and gave our music a try...see ya @ homegrown! :)

photos are courtesy of Mr. Arvind Imran Thampy and Mr. Samuel Anand Sebastian.... good friend and brother... :)

HOMEGROWN....yes we are....

Dear friends who enjoy our music,

Halfway kings shall be performing at Homegrown in Damansara on the 9th of JULY at 8pm.

There will be raw acoustic music for all to hear Halfway style.

Our page @ HOMEGROWN

Open Mic @ Urbanscapes

If we can't get into Urbanscapes, well, we will!

HK has been a big fan of events like Urbanscapes since it started a few years back. So we have wriggled our way somehow into performing there. Even if it ain't scheduled, it still gon be cool!

This is how we wriggled in:

Venue : KLPac, Sentul
Add : Sentul Park, off Jln Ipoh, 51100, KL. (Click here for map)
Date : 26th June 2010 (Sat)
Time : 2pm-ish

Can't wait!

HK got on Junk Records!!! I mean, almost.

We are part of the Top 10!!

Junk Records allows us to record 3 single professionally for FREE!

It's kind of weird. I've been listening to the other acts. We sound really naked next to them. Sore thumb scenario yet again. Naked sore thumb...hmm, thumbs don't normally wear clothes but..

VOTE if you dig our naked music here.
Better yet. Get your friends in on all that naked action too (sorry, it's the excitement speaking).
Because we only get to go through if we have enough votes to float us to the Top 5, where we'll perform for a panel of judges.

thanks babes.

FĂȘte de la Musique @ The Curve

This is one of our biggest events so far. Still an open mic but with SO MANY MORE BANDS it's exciting!! There'll be 4 concerts at one go at 4 different places from 10am to 10pm.

HK will be performing at only one of em but we are EXCITED!

Venue: The Curve (in front of Laundry)
Add: The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, PJ.
Date: 20th June 2010 (Sun)
Time: 10am - 10pm (HK goes on at 7:40pm)

Did I mention that we're excited? Click here for a list of other acts performing.


See you there!

Getting Fresh


I'm really proud, I'm almost a total noob when it comes to web design (scored a damn C for it in class) so don't be harsh! Still working on it, though. I don't really dig the font. Does anyone know how to fix this? The user interface in blogger is disabled because it's an externally downloaded HTML that we're using.

Any kind-hearted web designers out there?

Oh, here are some pics from the previous Open Mic at For Fresh People. For more pics, head on to our Facebook page.

Really cosy place. Responsive crowd. It was one of the better performances we've had. Two encores and the audience actually layan-ed my C-grade onstage rambling (tears. Kleenex.).

As we were performing, I saw this couple sitting across the room, they seemed really odd and really....familiar. Later when we were done, the guy actually approached me and I found out he was Peter Hassan Brown and the woman with him, dreadlocks, leather jacket and all, was Markiza! Saw them perform once at KLPac a few years ago. See, my memory sticks! Got to meet Aidil, frontman of Couple, who was part of the crowd that night too.

We got to share the stage with so many different acts. All weird and... weird in their own way. Someone was singing Ella Fitzgerald, then it was Miley Cyrus, then it was some song about the roof burning down, then it was us, and then Crossing Boundaries and then some trio singing "Single Ladies" acapella, complete with coordinated dance moves.

Oh and Joachim drove that night cos I injured my hand falling off a bicycle. Vocalists get away with all kinds of injuries and still get to perform! How privileged.

-adeline lucky girl.

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