We have been posterized!

This little surprise came in my mail today from an old schoolmate who's now studying Graphic Design in London. I love the quirkiness of this piece! Makes me wanna be in 2D. I'd be so much cooler and speak like Diablo Cody scripted all my words.

Thank you and much love to ya, Michelle!

- adeline

Maybe Please

After weird intensity comes...something lighter. Hear our second song off our myspace page. Or watch it right here.

I always had trouble finishing songs. This is the very very first one that got written in full. It's not the best, but it's the first :)

Joachim made it waaaay better musically, though. If not you'll be hearing some plonky chopsuey song.

I don't know what that means either.

Square is the Shape

Photo by Diane Pavitra. Edited by Joachim.

Hey guys,

We've put up one of our first songs on MySpace.

A song about squares, and jagged lines and new diseases.

We'll be updating with another one soon. Watch this space! Or better yet, Follow or Subscribe to our blog for instant updates (Refer to Sidebar, yo).

If you're really really lazy to move your cursor, here's the song on YouTube.

Much love,
Halfway Kings

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