My friend asked who Jo Chiam was. It took me a minute to realise that she was talking about this bugger. It's Joachim Jegaraj, yo!

Nally Woo, the Indian-est Chinese Joachim claims he's ever met!

Really supportive crowd. Much love!

Someone said that the balloons looked like sperms and the moon looked like the ovum.
All pics taken by Koh Jun Lin.

UCSI Earth Hour. Phew.

We were the sorest thumb sticking out that night. I thought it's be relatively easy playing the only acoustic set and being different but boy, was I wrong!

An Honest Mistake was seriously rocking it, like headbanging, sweat flinging, screamo rocking it. And then...

They left and we were next.

Crap and all its cousins. I never felt such a stark contrast before. I didn't dare to look at the audience when Halfway walked up the stage.

Should I say it was good? Well, it was a good experience. It was the first time we had random strangers (instead of our own friends) coming up to say that they enjoyed the performance :)

Got to perform two songs we wrote this time around and we were really proud about it. It was also great to have Nally Woo on board helping out with vocals. That girl can seriously hit the high notes!

P/S Halfway Kings understand the controversy surrounding Earth Hour concerts. But energy 'wasted' during Earth Hour will not be if people that come are made aware and love the earth long-term when they head on home.

Billed Below

Little band celebrates little achievements. Ours for today is being billed two places below Disagree!!! I know I'm pathetic but I also know we all are.

Ch-ch-check it out.

Also check out our band description. Damn unprofessional compared to Disagree and An Honest Mistake. Picture also satu macam. Don't worry, we take pride in standing out. We're playing the only acoustic set during Earth Hour and I promise you, we'll be a breath of fresh air (I'll make sure Joachim chews his mints before we go on)!

Entrance is FREE, ANYONE can come. So please, bring on the delinquents and bad seeds. I kid. But really, it's a hilltop concert with a hot air balloon ride (this I kid you not) so come support us. Event starts at 6pm, bands go on at 7pm.



3 words hour, there!

Well I know its been 5 months or more since our last update....but here is the thing peeps... things have happened ...and we as a band needed to overcome them ....but now all that is past, were back and writing some really good stuff. Do come to support us! :) - Joachim Sebastian

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