STOMP! Photos

Here are some photos from our last performance at UCSI's STOMP Charity Concert. Credits to Wilson Wong for the pics. Here's the link to our Facebook page:


And this is "I'm Good I'm Gone" by Lykke Li, which we performed that night too. Lots of people were asking about it after the show. So here it is! Saves me the embarrassment of not knowing how to pronounce her name correctly.


STOMP! Charity Concert @ UCSI , 24th July 2009

AND so it began.... our first gig.... OFFICIALLY...It started with our cover of Coldplay's "Violet Hill", followed by a cover of Lykke Li's "I'm Good I'm Gone"...and finished with an original Halfway Kings song - Square Is The Shape....We began our show to a small but enthusiastic crowd.

The entire event had a casual, and chillout air to it..DEFINITELY not as intimidating as we expected. At the end of the day, it was a good start for our journey together as a band. We really wanna thank all of those who turned up and stayed on till the very end to support us!!

Heres a picture of us with REZA SALLEH, Mellina Williams (the bassist of TEMPERED MENTAL) and a waaaay awesome drummer gal, Steph Chan.

To all our fans and supporters (however you may number): Thank you! Thank you .... Thank you.
Halfway Kings ... over and out.

Curry Curry Rice Rice

Me: Can't I not talk to the audience? I'm so bad at talking to the audience.
Jo: OK, you want me to talk to the audience?

Me: No.
Jo: You should say (puts on thick Indian accent) "Velcome to our band"(puts palms together).
Diane: Velcome to our ben.

Jo and Diane are both Indian.

Seven Nation Army

Here's an old video with Lam on the guitar (Pemain guitar yang hebatttt). We miss you already! No one fantasizes about a rockstar life out-loud anymore!

UCSI Charity Concert

It's been super long since this site ditubuhkan but yeah, we're finally getting around to actually posting something up!!

So we'll be performing for UCSI's Charity Concert this Fri (24th July 2009), 7:30pm @ Auditorium, Block C, South Wing, UCSI campus.

We've been practicing real hard (for hours and hours, ya'll) for this with our new line up: Bass, Keyboard, Shaker/Knockin-On-File. Yup, we're so starved for percussion that we're using a file (mainly because my co-ordination is so bad that I can't sing and handle anything else more complicated).

So please come around. Tickets go for RM10, all sales go to Women's Aid Organization.

Oh man, and if we screw up in front of Reza freakin Salleh (!!! he'll be performing too) it'll be the highlight of the month. Maybe we'll start a Wall Of Shame on our Sidebar. hurhur.

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